An update on upcoming events

Hello friends of Speculative Boston! Our next event was supposed to occur on May 7, but with the precautions we all still need to take around COVID-19, this event isn’t going to happen.

We’re sad about this, but we want to keep people safe! The authors we’d invited will be back another time. Our mission is to have a great discussion, foster community, and support our local literary scene, and all of these things are evergreen.

Want a great discussion? Check out our past events, where any recordings by The Forum Network, audio, and write-ups are waiting for you.

Want some community? Join us on Twitter! Check out r/Fantasy’s ongoing virtual con, or Locus Magazine’s list of events gone virtual. Readercon opened up a new Discord server!

Want to support our local literary scene? There are so many ways! You can order delivery from our friends at Trident, and ask for a book or puzzle to go along with it. If you’re less local, you can order books and gift cards online, too. You can buy books and support a bunch of different independent bookstores via and get an audiobook subscription from — and that’s true year-round!

We’re hoping to be back to in-person events soon, but for now, we’ll see you around online.

Stay safe and healthy!


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